Monday, August 5, 2013

Call Shadow

For some reason, my maid Ilyn likes to ask SE to call our dog, Shadow.  For example, while Ilyn is feeding her... "Su Ern call Shadow? Sha-dowwwwww.  Call Shadow? Shaa-doowwwww."  And if SE is refusing her baby food... "Sha-dowww... Su Ern don't want to eat!!"  And while bathing her... "Call Shadow? Sha-dowww.  Su Ern don't want to pom-pom"

Hubby says poor Shadow must be so confused!  For me, calling the dog is definitely not the first word I want to hear from SE!  Still, what to do?  It's not really a big deal and I guess Shadow is a neutral subject when you need to chatter about something with the kiddo.

Ilyn also clucks her tongue while calling Shadow.  And SE does follow! I find this part quite cute actually.

Su Ern, how do you call Shadow?

Cluck! (look at her tongue heh)

Heheee! I'm so clever!

Call Shadow again?



My cutie pie @ 1y 2m old.


  1. so Shadow is your dog's real name?? haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Haha yep no changes to protect his privacy. I thought it was a great name (obviously I came up with it hehe) coz he is a black dog and would hopefully be our faithful shadow!