Friday, August 30, 2013

Genting for durian

We were up in Genting again last weekend.  I'm not numbering our trips any more (and in fact did not post about our previous trip) so yeah I stopped counting after Trip 20!  Nothing new to post, heh.  This trip was for durian... but it wasn't like before.  Instead of a special buffet for privileged customers, it was just a RM70 voucher. Luckily hubby didn't want any - more for me.

Su Ern had her first taste of durian and liked it. Jo Ern had a few bites and then wanted coconut. The RM70 was enough for 2 coconuts so that was all right. :)

Mummy:  Come, try this!
JE: Don't really want...
SE: I want, I want

Mummy: Fine, I eat by myself. And give Su Ern some
SE: Yummy!
JE: My hands smell funny

I think, we need to go somewhere else for holidays besides Genting. These are hardly 'family' trips. The moment we arrive, hubby takes off by himself either to the casino or to the VIP area for alcohol and food (free for platinum card holders. The kids cannot enter and therefore I cannot since I have to watch them). From then on it will be a battle to get him back to our side! This trip, we ended up calling room service for lunch as I couldn't drag him out of the casino before the restaurants closed. RM35 just for fried rice... luckily it was yummy.


  1. Take the maid up as well. And with theme park closing, what else can the kids do eh..

  2. Rach, exactly. Our annual passes just expired and the daily pass isn't worth it. Dowan to bring maid la... can't lounge around comfortably in the room with her around!