Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Genting trip 13

We were at Genting last weekend. First trip for Su Ern! We got a suite AGAIN... though hubby's losses at the casino was enough to pay for both nights. :(  OK I shall not dwell on things beyond my control.

So this complimentary stay was for the annual durian buffet. For me, that has turned out to be a checkpoint of sorts. Hubby and I have gone for that as a childless couple, then with Jo Ern in my tummy, then when JE was 3 months, next when JE was 1y plus. Now, JE is two and Su Ern is here!

JE didn't want any durian and SE didn't have any either

SE got lots of attention. Guess not many kids this young are taken to Genting or anywhere else. Hubby did voice reservations about taking her anywhere, with particular ominous mention of germs. But I am determined not to fritter away my maternity leave sitting at home. Fingers crossed no germs were picked up, heh.

What's it like travelling with a 2yo and a newborn? Not too bad this trip. Still, there were times when both needed diaper changes and both needed to be fed. Hubby changed SE and got lots of poo on the bed. I'd lost touch with how to clean JE up after a poo. Sat her on the toilet and used the bidet. When I carried her over to the bed, realised there was still lots of poo at the front. So I sat her in the sink heh. Luckily we didn't have to deal with the poo-stained sheets!

Feeding was a challenge - if I feed SE first, JE has to wait too long. If I feed JE first, SE will be bawling away. And feeding JE is still a hit-and-miss affair. After preparing the milk/food, you need to feed her while chatting away about this and that. Otherwise there is a high chance she will announce'No waannn' and then it will be a real challenge getting her to eat. (Since hubby's idea of feeding is to stare at the TV while holding out the spoon in her general direction, he wasn't much help.)

Bedtime was thankfully ok. Decided on the order of SE/me/JE/hubby. SE was fine on the edge of the bed since she can't turn yet. Had to separate her from the big sis coz JE moves A LOT in her sleep. The second morning hubby went out early and I left the two girls together while I went to the bathroom. I came back to see this:


It's just JE moving in her sleep and ending up there, but they do look so close. :)


  1. I salute you la...stacy...for braving up and handling a newborn and a toddler by your own on this trip. I guess SE probably likes the cool air up there too.Nice to sleep.

  2. He he...couldn't help laughing at the "hold spoon in general direction part"!

    Next time, can try requesting for baby cot for JE.

  3. you didn't get a baby cot for Su Ern at the hotel? the last pics looks adorable tho :)

  4. This annual durian buffet has seen you coming from zero kids to two kids! I can seriously understand the lure of durians!!! You sure are one brave mom going on a trip with a newborn with a toddler in tow too. You can now start booking for another trip! Mummy rocks!

  5. Leona, technically not on my own since hubby was there too. He does go off by himself a lot but at least got backup plan was to call him to come back. Backup plan B was to drive back fast-fast to KL haha.

    Y, nah JE wouldn't be used to a baby cot.

    MC, thought of a cot for SE but ended up too busy to request for one heh.

    Juana, ya lor... from desperately wanting a baby to having two kids! Didn't want to skip the buffet this year partly coz wanted to keep this 'appointment'. But I did think going home early, at one point. :)