Thursday, July 12, 2012

2-month update

Doc poked me and I'm not happy

Weight: 4.86 kg
Rotavirus: Happily taken
Panadol: Happily taken
DTP: Taken with huge scream

There wasn't a 1-month update as we didn't keep the appointment with the paedi. Second child syndrome, heh. For one thing, Su Ern looked fine. For another, we weren't impressed by the paedi assigned by the hospital - she didn't check under SE's clothes the previous visit. Two more visits for jabs and then we move to the paedi near our house (who doesn't stock combo vaccines for these jabs).

Sleep-wise, looks like SE is taking after JE. She has been sleeping for 6-7 hours straight at night. Last night I fed her before 11pm. When I woke up at 6am she still hadn't woken up for milk. If this goes on she'll be sleeping through the night very soon!

SE's measurements are fine. My only concern is that she tends to nurse for only short periods of time. Last night after her 7-hour sleep, she again nursed a short while before drifting off to sleep again. Hmm surely she can't be getting enough milk? Maybe she's actually losing weight gained earlier while she was on EBM instead of direct feeding? Ah well, my maternity leave ends next week so she'll be partially on EBM, which has the advantage of being measurable.

Shall not complain too long, time for a nap 


  1. I'm sooooo envious!!! Can pass over some sleeping dust pls??

  2. 6-7 hours at two months! that's fantastic:)

  3. Y, deal! In return please pass over some greedy genes. :)

    MC, y'know actually she hasn't been waking up herself the past week. *I* have to wake her myself - now is she taking the easy way out or what!