Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leave almost over

My maternity leave is over this week. Time to start earning my keep again, heh.

This round of leave has been relaxing compared to my first! Jo Ern would bawl whenever put down. I was rushing through eating, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, sitting on the throne, having showers, EVERYTHING. And of course the more I rushed, the more I dropped things, got my foot stuck in my underwear, tangled the comb in my hair etc. More haste less speed indeed. But how to do anything at a leisurely pace with baby bawling away at the top of her lungs?

Taking care of Su Ern has definitely been easier. She sleeps a lot and lies quietly by herself for some time when awake. Having a maid also helps - she takes care of JE mostly, but of course is free to take SE sometimes.

I was determined this time not to 'waste' my leave. Now to tabulate my 'achievements':
1. Tried out 10 new recipes on my to-do list. Not all good but at least can cross them off the super-long list.
2. Baked 6 times and found two keeper recipes
3. Went out for dinner and many breakfasts with hubby and JE
4. 3d2n in Genting with hubby, JE and SE
5. Went for Erin's birthday, MIL's birthday and father's day lunches with hubby, JE, SE and maid
6. Went to the mall a few times with the whole gang again

3-6 are considered achievements as with JE I mostly stayed at home.

And these two are of course my biggest achievement!
JE: Jo Ern cha-yang Chu Ern

The one thing I didn't do was lose my pregnancy weight. It wasn't actually an official goal coz with JE I didn't do anything yet was back in shape once my leave was over. Now I have 1.5kg to go. Arggh.


  1. Maybe it was easier coz it's the second one, where there's already prior experience, not so kan cheong n we learnt to manage our life well with kids since the first one arrive. at least that's for me... :-)

  2. Cat, Jo Ern really did cry a lot more!

    MC, can't wear my normal pants... boohoo.

  3. Wow u did a lot during your maternity leave! For my girl the first few months I didn't do much too. So tired haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka