Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blow bubble with kakak

Today we will blow bubbles

I can catch one on my stick

My maid Lina isn't staying beyond her 2-year contract. She is happy here, wants to stay and even offered half her earnings to her mother. Her family is poor but they're adamant that she goes back to Cambodia. And all the money in the world isn't moving them. Sigh.

Might be beginner's luck but my first maid has worked out very well indeed. She is on the go from morning to night. She knows where things are, where things should be kept, what should be done and when. Most important to me, she looks after Jo Ern well and has obvious affection for her. She is an extension of my anxious-new-mom self and would report in detail on Jo Ern's day at my parents' place.

But kakak can blow really big bubbles!

Kakak, blow beeeeeg one

I'm rather worried how Jo Ern would take the loss of her 'kakak'. Although Jo Ern is close to me, Lina is the one who spends the most time with her. I don't want to take the test of whom she prefers! Lina feeds her, plays with her, cleans her up, handles her various moods. I'd initially intended to take care of Jo Ern myself while Lina takes on household chores. But she would come to take Jo Ern after chores and I got lazy... was definitely more pleasant to read, surf or watch TV while someone else takes care of the kid! *felt bit guilty then but still doing it* 

Two more months of the care-free life for me.


  1. You're blessed with a wonderful maid. So rare to find a good one these days...Not to will cope without a maid, it just takes some adjustment and time. All will be well. You will have lost an extra pair of hands but you will regain back your privacy:)

  2. Juana, no no I will be getting another maid. Can't cope without one at the moment!

    MC, good luck. :)