Monday, July 9, 2012


Now what shall I ask Mummy...

Jo Ern's books include the typical kiddie ones showing pictures of various objects. She asks "What this?" and "This one?" which are expected and to which I can confidently answer, "This is a shirt" or "This is a train". But this girl also keeps asking questions like "Who(se) shirt?" and "Who put train there?".

Err how to answer those?? Sometimes I say "Somebody's shirt/somebody put there". But that doesn't seem too educational as she'd say "This one shirt. This one somebody shirt" the next time she gets to that picture. So now, thinking she might want to know whether it's a shirt for a man/lady/kid, I go "Uncle's shirt". And quickly move on before she asks which uncle!

She also points to, say, a bus and says:
JE: This one bus
Me: Yes, bus
JE: Who inside bus?
Me: Errr... Got people inside the bus
JE: Mummy yook! People wear hat (pointing to a man with a hat)

Hope I'm going the right way with this!


  1. I once got a "Who's Singapore?" from Elyssa. I tried to avoid it but eventually said "Uncle's Singapore". Then for quite a while after that, whenever we mentioned Singapore, she said "Ohh..Uncle's Singapore!" Oops..

  2. Jo Ern asks the "who" question ALL the time! And if it's a person, say a boy with caption BOY, she will ask "What boy doing".