Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No more worm

Gave Jo Ern her first ever dose of Zentel last Saturday. It's for deworming but my hope was to increase her appetite. Apparently that's a common side-effect. Little Jensen who hadn't been eating well was grabbing pumpkin at dinner after his dose.

First obstacle was getting her to take the thing. This kid doesn't like most food and is wary of new ones. Told her Jensen likes it, prepped her up and... yes! She liked it! Asked for more 'med-chen' too haha. I went to bed happily thinking of catering for her ravenous appetite the next day.

Sunday breakfast... 'Bread not nice! No want!'  Err ok maybe effect has yet to set in.
Lunch... 'No want mee hoon! WaaaaaAAA!'  Ok I think this isn't working.
Afternoon Milo... 'Nooo!'  Confirmed not getting my desired effect.
Sunday dinner...*shakes head violently refusing rice*   Bahh!

Ah well. At least any worms there are gone now! Overall her food intake isn't too bad as the maid usually manages to feed her using a combination of coaxing, distracting and downright sneaking of the spoon into her mouth.

Not hungry, thanks. I'll just play with my hat


  1. Oh no she had worms? How did you find out?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, actually... no idea if she did. She'd always been difficult to feed and both my sis and SIL had mentioned before that deworming might help. I forgot about it until now since her cousin Jensen just took the mid. Thought I'd try, no harm. Since it's so hard to get food into JE, don't want worms getting any of the precious nutrients!

  3. hmm.. too bad the "trick" didn't quite work on jo ern. i guess she's more of a snack eater like the father.. hahah...