Thursday, June 28, 2012

JE and Baby tee-ter

Phew. Taking care of baby tee-ter is hard work

During my confinement month at my parent's place, JE mentioned going home 'with Papa and Mummy. Baby tee-ter al-cho'. At least she didn't expect SE to be left behind!

So far, Jo Ern has been good with her "baby tee-ter", whom she calls "Chu Ern". I was in the bathroom last week and heard SE start to bawl. I was afraid she would wake JE up and hurried through my morning toilet. When I came out, JE HAD woken up. And gone over to SE, squatted beside her and was busy patting her tummy to comfort her. :)

I told JE that next time SE will play with her and she can teach SE to do things. Now when I bring SE over when she plays with her toys, she says "Chu Ern yoookk (look)! This one can turn" and "Chu Ern yoook! Put like this". I think this one might be a good big sister!


  1. aawww... so sweet... sometimes it just makes us smile and melt, watching these tiny sibling take care of each other, "sayang" each other, tho they still fight la (like mine). but i love watching those sweet moment of brotherly love (in my case). you'll have more of those happy moments when SE grows bigger.

  2. awwww let them bond away n let the jiejie be the JIEJIE.

  3. Cat, yeah! I am preparing myself for coming sibling rivalry though. :)

  4. Aww....potentially a very good sis!

    Elyssa prob won't bother about anyone else if not for the constant phyco-ing by Mama. ;)