Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jo Ern and Jensen II

Thought it was time to post something about Su Ern, then saw these kiddos at play this morning. So post these pics first, heh. I came out of the house to see them carrying their shoes around like this... 
There goes one...

And there goes another...

What on EARTH they are doing I have no idea!!

These days Jo Ern requests to "watch TV" morning, day and night. That's to put on one of the kiddy CDs - Barney, Smurfs, Rupert etc. Luckily she doesn't watch too long before going off to do something else.

I much prefer her to do such things (whatever this particular game is!) than watching TV. 


  1. What happen next? did the shoe fell on their head coz they are obviously not tall enough to put that stool on the table. Haha.... cute watching them play sometimes.

  2. Ke ke....certainly a funny game! Yeah, agree that all these sort of games r definitely better than ipad or tv.

  3. Cat, surprisingly Jensen managed to get stool with shoes intact onto the table. Jo Ern's shoes slid off - not on her head though. :)

  4. probably because jensen's shoe is a croc. rubber material sticks better on plastic, wherelse jo ern's shoe is the normal sole which may not stick so well on a plastic stool. cute.. cute..