Monday, June 11, 2012

One month old

Su Ern is one month old already! How time does fly!

I think, bottle's best. Ok Mummy?

Milk intake quantity is fine so far. For the first 3 weeks she had EBM. She couldn't latch on properly, and somehow I would get pains (uterine contractions?) while trying to breastfeed. Was easier on both of us for me to pump and her to have a bottle! She was also sleeping A LOT then and expecting her to WORK for milk would be too much.

At 3 weeks, I tried feeding direct again and was surprised when she managed it. But unlike Jo Ern who would continuously suckle and suckle, Su Ern drops off after 5 mins. Then she would stretch, wriggle, fart, wrinkle her nose in distaste, stretch some more, fart again. Sigh. Now I'm playing it by ear. If she has very little for a few feeds in a row, I pump and give her EBM. Hopefully we get a workable routine down by the time I start work.

Although she is awake more now, she still sleeps a lot. She can be fast asleep a whole morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes she also sleeps the whole night after that.

Lung power
Has strong lungs. The first time she screamed, everyone was surprised at the volume pouring out from this tiny creature! Jo Ern by comparison doesn't have a loud voice at all.

Mosquito bait
Like Jo Ern, attracts mosquitos. Poor kid has red marks all over her face at the moment. Today her shirt rode up a bit and shortly after, there was a mosquito bite on the small area of tummy exposed.

The back end
Is extremely fussy about diaper cleanliness. While Jo Ern couldn't be bothered, this one cries whenever her diaper is dirty. She poos often and pees often too, so diaper/nappy turnover is high. Heh.

Overall she ranks as easy to care for. The only harder part is feeding - pumping then feeding is double work. At times she cries while I'm pumping, and since I can't get to her I just have to hope someome is available to check her diaper or carry her a while.

So far we have been staying at my parents' place. We return home soon, will see how things go then!

Cake baked by my sis for Su Ern's full moon.


  1. wow time passes by so fast! happy manyue to your lil princess too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Su ern looks so mch like u la in the photo...
    So fast one mth pass. Looking forward to going back to work...?
    Happy one mth old little Su Ern...