Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Genting trip 20

I should stop writing about Genting trips at some point, since we do keep going there. Maybe continue a while just to keep track. So we were there again for 2 nights last weekend, and we had a suite again. *happy*.  Hubby votes to keep future trips to 1 night though. Getting enough sleep with JE and SE in the same bed is tough! JE as usual moves all around and SE never sleeps the whole night through. But I vote that 2 nights is fine especially now we have free good food.  Hehe... a bit 'paiseh'/shy showing up there meal after meal though! Still, might as well make use of this privilege while it's there!

SE had a blast trying out new foods. Now that she is over 1-yo, lots of food options opened up. For the very first time in her life, she had brie cheese, cheddar, strawberries, physalis/cape gooseberries, bread-stick, commercial yogurt and various bites from the buffet.

Nom nom nom

She got hold of tissue too.  This girl loves tearing tissue up and putting some in her mouth. Then I have to hunt and dig it out while she protests loudly.

Woo hoo, tissue! Quietly take some while Papa watches TV

JE had a blast also. But I realised she's past the height for free admission to the theme park now. Oh well, having kids is expensive.

Spaceship of mine, blast off!

Good thing SE still can get in free.

What? No want to go theme park. Busy nom nom nom


  1. she has learnt to put food in the mouth? was just telling mama the other day she was holding something small, scared she'll put in her mouth n mama said she's ok, haven't learn that yet. if she has learnt that part, have to watch out small little toys on the floor. i remember last time we have to dig little pieces of paper from jensen's mouth n he did swallow some.

  2. At this rate you'll are going, the privilege ain't gonna end. he he.

  3. Cat, she doesn't hold with her fingers. The food is in her fist and then she sucks at it. A bit safer but probably not for long. Ya I had to dig things from her mouth a few times already!

    Y, it's CASINO time that counts. :)

  4. my girl loved to play with tissue paper and nom on it too.. why?? haha