Thursday, May 9, 2013

Su Ern is 1!

Little Su Ern is one year old today! A year ago, I was feeling rather hesitant about this new baby, wondering how to fit her into our already-full lives. Now that seems far away... she has fitted herself in well and snugly.  She's cute, she's active, she's demanding, she's loud and I can't imagine life without her.

I am a big girl already!

We had her birthday dinner last weekend, at a restaurant near our house. Food was good, mango gateau birthday cake was so-so. No blips with being late or missing candles this time. :)

Am I getting some of my cake? 
Mummy: Nope. No need to eat sugar yet

Fine, no cake nvm. I play with my birthday snail from Ah Mah/Ah Kong
(Mummy: Hehe greedy guts not too happy)


  1. Hapi Birthday SE!!!
    You are definitely an adorable little girl now!
    Can play more with ur big che che now.

  2. oh that reminds me that i wanted to bring her present over yesterday (Wednesday) but this preggy brain just can't remember anything. remembered on Tuesday morning when BH sent Jensen over but with me not being in papa/mama house to convey message n with Kevin fetching the girls home on Tuesday, i was scared you'll never get to service the gift or worst still it will be lost in transition between one house to another. anyway, will try bring it tomorrow (Friday) - if this little preggy brain of mine can remember. oh how i hate how my brain has failed to function properly lately.

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  4. Happy birthday, Su Ern!!! She seriously didn't get to try even a tiny weeny bite of her cake?

  5. Cat, got the present, thanks. :)

    Juana, hehe no. One of the maids was carrying her.