Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pao-pao, pao-pao!

Want pao-pao... mummy carry me ok?

SE wants to be carried ALL the time. Now that she can crawl, she will follow me around while I move around the house, demanding to be carried. This little one is PERSISTENT and LOUD.  I made a cake recently and she crawled along on the floor after me while I put ingredients into the mixer, went to the sink to wash things, walked to the oven to preheat, back to the mixer to pour the mixture out etc... until I finally finished and could attend to her. All the while crying loudly and stopping regularly to bounce on her backside, which is her signal that she wants to be carried. Who wants a little follower like this??

I get so irritated by the screaming that I purposely ignore her, but eventually I realise... the poor kid just wants love and attention. When I do pao-pao(carry) her, she is adorably cuddly.  Awww.  Hoping to have more time and patience once I have a maid again.

I am holding something spe-ciiiallll

This tuna is very, very super nice!

Here, you can have it if you pao-pao me

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  1. my girl is 4 and still wants us to pao pao!!! finding it hard now because she's much heavier than before!! but relishing every moment before she gets too big or don't want her to carry her anymore :/

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka