Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Papa only

Jo Ern tops my priority list and what does she tell me?  'I love Papa only'!  I know why actually. Mummy is the one who tells her to finish her meals, stop crying, do something else and not keep playing iPad, pick up her toys, put her clothes in the laundry basket. And things like cry cannot get anything, today I will hide the iPad because I kept calling you and you still keep playing the iPad.  Papa? He gives her what she wants just so she will stop bugging him and he can get back to his TV program/Internet surfing. He is all too happy with her spending hours on the iPad since that means he is free for his own stuff. When she cries, he gives in so that the noise will stop. He snacks instead of eating proper meals and readily shares the food with her. She probably thinks life with Papa will be paradise!

Sigh. So I had remind her what I have been doing for her, what I bought for her and all because I love her. And how Su Ern is happy to see her because she loves her jie-jie.

And eventually after the psycho-ing, she 'agreed' to love Mummy and Su Ern too.

Kids. *roll eyes*  I now plan to highlight every so often what I'm doing for her and that it's because I love her. In case she takes my actions, and me, for granted.

Mummy bought me this pink mouse bag!

I love my mouse bag. And my mummy too


  1. has she been consistent with her answer, that it's always papa that she love? If yes, then u need to worry, otherwise dun bother la. kids never have a fix mind. Jensen will sometimes say sayang mummy, dun sayang papa, sometimes it's the other way round and sometimes, sayang both or worst sayang Sarin. Itu sakit hati.. hahaha... but then again this boy has been inconsistent with his answer.. so for now, let him be... mummy is still goin to be one tat will discipline him.. no escape..

  2. Cat, this is the first time she's brought this up. It used to be kakak/Mummy first and Papa a distant third. Maybe lately I've been busy with SE (also household chores, without a maid) so she started getting close to Papa. I'm not worried at this stage but I'm thinking I need to start selling myself.

    Haha 'no escape' from discipline is good! Ya she still needs to pick up her toys and whatnot. :)

  3. I have to tell the kids the reason why I nag too. because we love them and want them to be healthy! not too nuch sweets, not too long on the ipad.. as it is, i'm abit too lenient already i think. you have the right strategy, musn't let them take you for granted!