Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big sis

JE has been a pretty good big sis from the beginning.  I was wary of sibling rivalry when SE was born.  But JE would plant kisses on SE, pat her tummy when she cried, bring toys for her.  Once we went out for dinner and SE was crying. One of the shop owners came to carry SE so that we could finish dinner in peace. JE was uncomfortable that an outsider had SE and kept a sharp eye on that person throughout!  The person mentioned it too when we finished and she handed SE over... "You don't have to worry about your small one, your big one kept checking on me!"

Sometimes she will let SE have something "because she is my Su Ern".  I do like her choice of words. :) And I do hope my two girls will grow up being the best of friends.

Must watch over my little sister

And play with her sometimes

Peek-a-boo, Su Ern! Hee hee hee


  1. So sweet :) I hope if Lil Pumpkin gets to be a big sis in the future she will be a tender loving one too.

    I'm having a worldwide giveaway for a lovely children's book about feelings on the blog now. Might be something you'd enjoy with your girls :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, hope so too! She seems the sweet type so should be ok.

    Oo yeah nice book. Ok I joined already.