Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Melaka Family trip

Back from 3D2N in Melaka. An overdue family trip after the last one to Ipoh 2.5 years ago!  Melaka is one place I've been wanting to go for years, but my brother kept saying wait for his apartment in Bayou Lagoon to be ready. Well it finally was. :)

Everyone in the family... some happy some not so

First up we went to the Portugese settlement. This was nice, sea breezes and seafood. Not crowded since we were there early.

Me and my Papa

Next morning, Jonker street. The plan was the famous chicken rice ball for lunch.  But the queue for the few tables in the shop was long and hardly moving. Gave up and went to a nearby empty shop. Food was overall decent (it probably helped that I had low expectations, heh).

Me and Mummy and this chicken

Had fun exploring the various shops in Jonker street - souvenirs, snacks, cendol, biscuits, gula melaka etc etc. Wanted to go for famous cendol.... saw queue and selected an empty shop nearby instead. Cendol was still good. :) The sun was scorching hot though. Went back to rest and headed to the water park in the evening.

Can't wait to go play!

Various members of the family

The waterpark is more for older kids. With 4yo JE and 2yo SE, we just walked around and got wet. Dinner was planned to be at Umbai. But plan was scratched since it was rather late and we decided the food at Umbai wouldn't be suitable for the kids anyway. Turned into a nearby Malay food place with lots of people. Gahh bad move. The place was stuffy and hot, food was pricey and NOT good, e.g. the fried prawns/squid were mostly flour.

Waiting to EAT!

The next day, planned to lunch at the famous nonya food shop Nancy's. But we gave up at the queue and just went to the empty shop next door. This is like the theme of our holiday! What to do when there are 7 kids aged 1,2,3,4,4,6,8?  On the plus side, we had the place to ourselves - could take our time to order and then eat in peace.  After lunch it was a little bit more shopping and then back to KL.

Me and an ox

Me and a dragon

It was good spending that much time together. The kids definitely enjoyed themselves. Must arrange another trip one soon!


  1. What a good trip! Having everyone together and all the children can get to know each other and play together.

  2. Updated mine too. Pinched 2 photos from u. hehe.

  3. My hubby's from Malacca! The last time we went back was many years back.. maybe we should go back soon too! I'm missing the chicken rice balls hahaha

  4. Mun, yeah. The kids (ok and me too!) loved going to bed knowing everyone else was nearby, and waking up knowing everyone will do things together.

    Y, thought I saw you taking lots of photos too?

    Ai, oh really? Thought he was Singaporean too heh. Well he might have his fav spots that normal tourists don't know about!

  5. Stacy, I see the theme of going to the popular places ...and then switching to the nearby place which is less crowded. I too don't like waiting with the crowd if it takes too long. That's the problem of going to tourist popular spots.

    Family trips are always memorable. So probably the next one would be when the kids are like in Std one..??? My family trips have all been non existent since all my nieces and nephews started schooling.