Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The little one talks now.

Ah Mah: What is your name?
SE: Erin! (her cousin's name)

Me: Are you a good girl or a naughty girl?
SE: AHGUBOI! (I good boy)

Me: Choose a story to read ok?
SE:  *Turning over and saying at every single page* I no like that, I no like that, I no like that....

Aihhs... don't know whether I want to smack or hug her!

Me? I good girl


  1. hehe must remember to tape them down too! Good memories :)

  2. So cute - ahguboi - can imagine her saying that with a cheeky look.

  3. Ai oh yes must record. I tend to keep forgetting!

    Mun, hehe this one is cheeky, naughty and affectionate. All in one package.