Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still all play

JE isn't attending anything formal - no school, no ballet, no music, no Kumon etc. Partly because of that, I'm thinking that she's still young and can pick up reading/writing/rithmetic later. And of course it's easier for everyone. She doesn't have to wake up early nor do homework. We can go to the mall or meals with friends at any time.  But I'm starting to realise that many others her age are going for classes of some sort already. I recently bought a toy to teach maths addition. The seller said she'd used it for her son but he could do sums in his head now. When I asked, she said her son would be turning 4yo soon.  Errr JE is already 4yo...

I guess she would be able to learn eventually. Still, maybe I should check out ballet classes or something! She's happily doing her thing at the moment.

Show you this cute rabbit

And show you my tongue


  1. Nowadays many parents are very competitive. I only started formal learning when I entered kindergarten at age 5. Now children are sent for nursery classes at age 3. Peer pressure will cause other parents to do the same. Good to see you alowing JE to enjoy her playtime as long as she can.

  2. Mun, I'm hoping she won't face problems catching up later! I attended 2 years of kindy so I think that'd be fine. Just wondering if I should send her for 'other' classes now that she doesn't go to kindy yet.

    1. Most likely she won't because there are still many children attending only 2 years of kindy because the parents want them to have a happy relaxing childhood. Depends on what she likes - if she likes art and craft, can go for some crafts sessions or if she likes to dance, etc etc or music appreciation.

    2. She's not really into anything except watching TV! *faint* She can do other things a while, longer if an adult does it together. Before too long she will ask if she can watch TV.