Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ah Mah's birthday 2016

My mother's birthday is tomorrow... but we already celebrated.  :)  At Ah Wet Thai in Kayu Ara.  Food was overall ok but there were some misses - the fried fish in 'something sauce' wasn't so good and they'd run out of crabs that time.  I did enjoy the pork neck, pandan chicken and grilled platter though.

Food glorious food

Sis baked the cake, it tasted good this time (It doesn't always, kekeke)

Blow out the candles!

Happy birthday to my dear mother!  Like she said, we shall do this for at least the next 10 years!

Nobody realised it at the time, but SOMEBODY wasn't happy.  Apparently she didn't get to help blow out the candles.  My mother tried to feed her cake/fruit/chocolate and only then realised something was wrong when SE rejected everything.



This little one, she's only 4 but she can stay angry a long time.  Recently she blamed cousin Jayden for tripping her and didn't want to play with him for the next THREE days.  Sigh... little chilli padi for sure.  Cousin Erin came by but she was still angry.



  1. Happy birthday to your mother! Can tell from the photos that SE is angry. She looks so fierce!

  2. Normally Thai food is spicy. Kids can take spicy food? SE's sulking face is real cute actually.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Ah Mah! I like the last photo with grandma and cousin smiling away and little SE still sulking!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom. Ah... A Wet Thai... yummy food there

  5. Wakakakakka..... Su Ern's angry face really takes the cake!

  6. Mun, this one is fierce sigh.

    Magictree, you're a mother all right haha. We ordered separate non-spicy food for the kids and maids.

    Nancy, aiyo what shall I do with this little girl...

    SK, thank you!

    Y, if you notice, the arms are crossed as well!