Monday, October 31, 2016

Port Dickson 2016 second trip

We were in Port Dickson again.  Thinking back, this is our second trip this year since I celebrated my birthday here back in March.  Well it's quite near home in KL and the kids like it.

Practise my drawing on the sand...

 The thing with kids is, once they've been somewhere they like, they will always ask to go again.  Like to the Ostrich farm.  Entrance adds up to quite a bit at RM15 adult and RM10 child tickets.

Feed this billy goat

Only problem is, it had been raining on and off.  The skies had cleared by the time we arrived.  But it started to pour down a while after we'd bought tickets and gone in.  We managed to make it to the cafe within the place.  And the staff brought out a table of... BABY MICE!  Now, if you're stuck somewhere in a heavy downpour, having furry animals to play with is a good way to pass the time.

Look how cute this baby mouse is!

I name this one 'Chocolate'

After the rain eased we fed a few more animals.  Too bad my favourite, the rabbits, were all wet.  Finished off the feeding food with the ducks and geese.

Come here for your snacks!

We stayed at Glory Beach again.  Look how crowded the pool was hehe.  SE was wailing as she wanted to be carried in the pool.  And what did hubby do?  Took this child who was having a bit of cough and flu.  And all wet from being in the pool  And went to buy her... ice cream.  *smack head*

Just keep swimming

The kids had ice-cream a total of 3 times during this trip.  I'm quite sure this request will be repeated at our next!  Oh well as long as they enjoyed themselves!

Rainbow ice cream, this time!


  1. As long as the children are happy, the parents are happy too, right? :)

  2. " The thing with kids is, once they've been somewhere they like, they will always ask to go again"

    Exactly. And they will forget the previous place where they love too. Your girls are quite brave to hold the mouse.

  3. Hope she is fine now. Mine having cough and fever now.

    Hahaha....when children play they sure syok

  4. I love animals but not mice! Kids love swimming pool and ice creams. Easiest way to keep them happy!

  5. Mun, wouldn't even bother to go to PD if it's not the kids!

    Magictree, at first they didn't quite dare. But the downpour was heavy and long so we were stuck there for some time, and after a while they were fine. (Me too hehe)

    SK she was already recovering, thanks. But imagine feeding a sick-ish wet child ice-cream... *pengsan*

    Nancy haha I was thinking of your dislike for mice! Ya my hubby always takes the easy way out.