Sunday, November 6, 2016

JE's second concert

Second concert already... this time she was pretty enthusiastic about it unlike last year.  She got me to download the songs she was dancing to and played them many times.  For this very shy girl, I am happy when she comes out of her shell in any way.

All set!

It was also graduation from kindergarten. Didn't expect graduation robes already!  *sniff*


Receiving the certificate

SE went to support as well.  She enjoyed watching the various dances.  And played with balloons during the speeches.

Take photo together

Wow how time flies.  Not long ago I was entrusting my baby for the first time to the care of outsiders.  And now she's 'graduating'.  And next year the cycle starts with SE.  *sniff again*  


  1. JE looks confidence and at ease in the red pretty dress and graduation gown. Your eldest baby has grown up. Very soon she will be as tall as mummy!

  2. When she starts Primary 1, it will be like the same process all over again.
    Now that my kids are all in Secondary school, looking back at their toddler to kindergarten pictures really bring back good memories. But nowadays, we hardly take pictures not to mention develop them as they are all stored digitally.

    I notice JE is quite tall compared to her peers.

  3. She has grown into a confident young lady! Congrats JE for graduating from kindergarten!

  4. Nancy, actually she was like a goldfish throughout coz don't like the lipstick hehe. Well mummy isn't very tall at all so hopefully she will be taller!

    Magictree, the girl beside JE is the smallest in the class! (That's the secret to looking tall haha) Ya agree that having everything digital has some cons, like not easy to look at them. I use those Photobook services to get at least some onto paper.

    Mun, thanks!

  5. oh wow she looks so grown up now especially with the performance make-up!