Wednesday, November 30, 2016

4-eye pictures

Hubby WOULD buy an ice-cream each for the kids... at RM10+ each sigh.  (*I* would buy a tub of imported ice-cream to take home at RM20+ only!).  JE chose chocolate while SE chose bubble-gum flavour (*I* wouldn't have let her choose this insane blue thing!)

Chocolate for me!

And who is that at the side... that's SE with her just-collected glasses.

Bubble-gum for me
(Note the blue-ish mouth!)


Could look worse I guess?  She doesn't wear them all the time at the moment.  But she seems fine with them and says that she can see things clearer.


  1. Yummy ice cream! Both your girls look so sweet in pink. She will get used to the glasses in no time.

  2. Did you taste the blue ice cream? SE looks cute in her pink glasses which matches her pink dress. Good that she can see clearer now.

  3. Nancy, *I* myself don't like wearing glasses sigh.

    Mun, yeah doesn't taste like anything. Hmppf. Supposed to be bubble gum flavour.