Monday, November 28, 2016

Photoshoot 2016

I haven't taken the kids for a studio photoshoot for a while, apparently since year 2013.  (Unless I find another post later heh).

So here we go...  this studio was so-so.  The one in the previous post had someone to interact with the child while another person clicked away.  This studio was standard -  request the child to pose, then click.


It's much harder with two kids.  JE would be smiling and ready, while SE would be fussing around with something.  By the time SE is ready, JE would have been holding the smile a long time already.


(SE was in her 'eating hair' phase)

Looking at the photos now, they do look nice!


  1. precious photos. hmmm...this studio needs more practice when handling kids.

  2. 2 beautiful princesses! They are so sweet and cute!

  3. Very nice! Both of them look so sweet and natural poses in the 3 photos above.

  4. SK, I guess not many places specialise in young kids. Kiddie Fotolab where I sent before, is good but expensive so cannot keep going!

    Nancy and Mun, thanks!

  5. Very nice! So pretty both of them.