Saturday, November 19, 2016

Visit to the eye doctor

Took SE to the eye specialist today.

At breakfast...  As usual these two eat at snails pace and need to be hurried.

SE:  If I eat fast and Jo Ern eat slow, then you leave Jo Ern at home.
SE:  If Jo Ern eat fast and I eat slow, you cannot leave me at home.  Because *I* are going to the eye doctor.

And slightly later...

SE:  Today you cannot leave me at home.  Because the one going to the eye doctor is me, me, ME.

She must have been feeling 'special' haha.

Selfie!  (Notice the one closed eye)

It was a long wait and when we finally got in,  SE happily clambered onto the 'patient' chair.  The doct checked and said hmm.... the power is very high.  Oh-oh.  Asked for eye drops to be put first so he could check properly.

And this is a small problem began...

No! Don't want! Pain-pain!!

The drops must have stung.  The process had to be repeated twice, after 10mins or so each time, as not enough drop went in the first two times.

No!!  Noo!  Noooooo!

The result?  SE has far-sightedness or hyperopia, where images form behind the retina instead of on it.  The doctor was surprised how high her power was - about 600.  He gave an eyeglasses prescription for 400/450.  As expected the 'lazy' eye is the one with the higher power.  He said it's good that we brought her in now, as later she would have developed a squint.

I know there are worst things, but right now I'm upset.  Glasses would make life tough for a little girl who loves to play, squirm, cuddle, be carried, kiss and hug people non-stop.  Glasses would absolutely get in the way all the time.  And I'm also thinking of trivial matters like how SE wouldn't look sweet and cute in photos any more.  :(

(JE just asked to go swimming tomorrow.  And I'm thinking oh, SE would need powered goggles now?  *bawll*)


  1. Good thing you noticed and took her to the doctor early. She will look very grown up with the glasses on. I think she will still look sweet and cute.

  2. SE has very good logic for a child so young. It is a blessing that you are aware and caught this early. SE wearing spectacles will look cute too, don't worry. Many people wearing specs are also very active in sports.

  3. Nancy, she looked all right when trying on the frames. But the actual lenses will be heavy and thick so I'm still bracing myself.

    Mun, most people don't like to bang their head on other people, or fling themselves upside down like SE does haha. I'd better get a spare pair once the first one stabilises.

  4. Stacy, I have been wearing glasses since 11 years old. No worries, you won't really feel the weight of the specs even with the glasses on.

    I was soooo... upset too when both my boys became 4 eyed too especially my younger son who is so active in badminton.'s inconvenient but no big issue.

  5. Magictree, *I* still don't like wearing glasses! I wish SE was a little older before having to start. She's such an active monkey now at 4yo.