Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2-eye pictures

Posting some pictures before SE becomes 4-eyes.
We have gone to get her glasses and she chose a pink pair.  Oh, must relate a couple more amusing incidents.

The day before going to the optometrist, SE was having her afternoon nap.  JE woke up and was having ice-cream.

JE:  Su Ern will have to wear specs?
Me:  Yes.  Because the doctor said she cannot see very well
JE:  Maybe she will look a bit funny with specs.
Me:  Maybe.  But you don't laugh at her ok?
JE:  OK *nodding

Good, all set.  Wouldn't want SE to feel weird if other kids started pointing and laughing.

When SE woke up...
JE:  Tomorrow we go and get your specs.  I promise not to laugh at you.
Me:  JO ERN!!!

Aiyo hahaha.  JE didn't see what the problem was.

Smile for the camera. Take picture, mummy!

At the eye specialist, we were waiting for the next session of eye-drops after SE screamed through the first one.  The nurse was putting eye-drops on a young lady seated next to us.  So I nudged SE who was playing the iPad (as a bribe for opening her eyes for the next round of drops).

Me:  See, look at that.  Other people don't cry when putting eye-drops.
SE:  *Took one quick look*  That one ADULT.

Hehe.  She excused her behaviour very quickly indeed!

I'm a kid, not adult


  1. hahaha...SE speaks like an adult alright! It's a matter of getting use to see her with specs.

  2. Entertaining post! Your kids are so cute! Looking forward to your next post.

  3. lol. definitely need extra efforts to deal with kids.

  4. what did SE say when JE told her she promised not to laugh at her?

  5. Magictree, ya must get used to it eventually.

    Nancy, thanks!

    Irvine, just you wait for your turn haha.

    Mun, I hope she didn't quite hear! She was still sleepy.