Wednesday, December 7, 2016


JE has been rather busy these days.  Because... we have kittens!  Timing is convenient since it's the school holidays (gives me one less activity to plan to keep the kids busy!).

We used to have a dog and aren't actually cat-lovers.  These must have come from our neighbour's cat.  Which must have happily abandoned the kittens once it saw that they were being fed.

This one is called Yellowface

Take picture, Mummy!

SE is a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to these furry animals.  She shrieks and runs off when they come close.  And would only pet the kittens if there is someone holding the creature.  But here she is trying to hold a kitten (more like pinching a tiny bit of kitten fur between her thumb and forefinger hehe) and yelling for her picture to be taken!

Mummy!! Take photo!!

And here is JE "throttling" a kitten haha.  I'm glad to report she's all good at carrying kittens by now.  

Smile, kitten!
Kitten: Urggh... can please urghh.. stop squeezing my neck...


  1. How many kittens are there? Good for SE and JE to have pets for them to love. They must love the kittens a lot looking at the photos!

  2. Ha ha thank you, Stacy! You are funny, your photo and story makes me laugh! Good that the girls are learning to love animals.

  3. meow... :) me love...

    tell your mummy be careful of the cats pee ya coz will kill the plants

  4. Mun, at first there were 2. Our neighbour said some must have died as a normal litter has 5-6. Then another kitten showed up. And another, and finally another. So we have 5! (Apparently there were 3 more next door so it was a big litter of 8)

    Nancy, hehe thanks.

    SK, the kittens dig dig in my pots before poo-ing there, sigh.

  5. 8 kittens in total. So many! The mother cat must be very fertile!

  6. I prefer dogs. My kids would like either cats and dogs but me and hubby are afraid of their furs dropping everywhere.

  7. Mun, 8 sounds like a lot to me too!

    Magictree, short-haired ones maybe ok? But yeah, our previous dog was a short haired German shepherd and we'd still find clumps of fur blowing around.