Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ipoh Trip 2016 - Food

With the help of various Ipoh blogs (hi Nancy!), I plotted out our menu in Ipoh.  The touristy places were very crowded though and it was a challenge to park, get a table, order food, wait for orders to arrive.

Err realised I have no good pictures of food at all!  Any pictures I have are mostly of the waiting part. Once the food arrives, I'd be busy feeding the kids and eating.

Hong Xing dimsum at Bercham (ok lah)

Pork satay at Kong Heng (good as usual)

Hubby's wagyu beef set at Momo 

At 'Dai shu geok'/Big tree foot for yong tau foo (I liked this)

We also went to Gluts Square (good!) and tried to go to Ipoman (closed).  There were other places I would have liked to try, but there are only so many meals we can have in a day!  Until the next time.


  1. Hi Stacy! Good to know that you enjoyed your trip and food in Ipoh. For myself, especially during the school holidays we avoided the tourist places because of the traffic congestion and crowds.

  2. Looks like you managed to eat many types of tasty Ipoh food. Nice photos of your family! More frequent trips to Ipoh next time to cover the food that you have left out this round?

  3. nice place to go. holiday or weekend will need to wait for food there

  4. Nancy, it was rather crazy haha.

    Mun, thinking of that already!

    SK, funny thing was, I had no idea the 2 days were public holidays when I booked. Even filled up my annual leave form. Luckily didn't submit or would have looked pretty silly.