Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ipoh trip 2016 - Places

We were planning on going to Penang, then got lazy in the face of the longer drive and decided on Ipoh instead.

Managed to go various places.

First up was the caves.  The target was the one with a tortoise pond.  For some strange reason, I completely forgot the name of the cave and Waze-d for the wrong one.  It was okay actually - we saw monkeys and geese, and the cave formations are beautiful.

SE: Carry me, Papa!
JE:  Hmmff (she was in a bad mood)

The cave we actually wanted was nearby - SAM POH TONG.  Erm maybe this isn't the right name... it's the 3rd one on the inside.  Coz this one has turtles and fishes to feed!  Where there were baby tomatoes on sale, it's now cut big tomatoes.  Either it's more cost-friendly or there was a shortage of the baby ones.  Oh well, just have to wash hands after feeding the turtles.

Tomatoes for the turtles!

SE:  Can I have some more tomatoes?

Fish food for the fish!

Love feeding fish! (Notice her mood has improved)

This is something new to me... Concubine's lane.  Quite fun and such a happening place, will definitely come back!

Jelly! (RM5 for this stick arggh)

Take picture with this picture

I believe there are more than just this one lane, but I couldn't find any more.  It was very crowded as it was a public holiday.

We also went up to the Ho Yan Hor museum and the tours were packed, so we didn't bother to wait.


  1. Wah good for you to bring SE and JE to jalan jalan makan angin during the school holidays. The jelly stick has such colourful jellies that make them both so happy so rm5 was well spent!

  2. Now is school holiday season and the tourist places are very crowded. Your girls look very happy!

  3. Mun, rm5 I could have made a few such sticks... grumble.

    Nancy, of course this trip was planned mostly with them in mind! Wanted Qin Xin Ling village too but it's closed now.

  4. I am also planning to drop by Ipoh on our way back to Kampong but I am still dilly dallying whether to put out a night there!