Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ipoh trip 2016 - in Concubine's lane

Last post on Ipoh.  This 'attraction' wasn't there when I was living in Ipoh 20 years ago.  The lane was super-crowded that day as it was both a school and public holiday.

What's that hubby is holding? (Ignore the grumpy face)

Who wants cotton candy? (There are 2 little stars on it)
JE: Me! Yayy!

I wanna eat!


Ahmmmm. Share-share ok?

Cotton candy on hair, eyebrows, glasses, nose, mouth...

Almost finished...

JE asked for the cotton candy and I said no as it was already lunch-time.  So she asked the Papa who queued up for the thing, sigh.  Oh well, I suppose we're on holiday and rules can be relaxed.  The cotton candy was huge but the girls finished it all up.  Right then, NOW we can proceed to get lunch...

Who wants coconut ice-cream?

SE:  Me! Yayyy!

Sighh.  Haha.  No wonder the kids weren't interested in lunch.


  1. Ha ha...I can see that your girls enjoyed their holiday and also all the sweet treats from their papa!

  2. Cotton candy is so sticky. SE and JE must have had such a great time enjoying the sweets and ice cream. Lunch? What's that? They say. :)

  3. Nancy, they did! Very hard to get them to eat proper meals with the Papa around.

    Mun, yeah these kids never like meals much.

  4. I went to Concubine Lane too when we were there recently. Short but interesting lane. I wanted to queue up for the iceball, the queue was long and I saw it sells for RM5 for four flavours, I ditched the idea. Ha!ha! we used to eat the iceball ( not so big of course) , in my kampong for 5 cents each!!!!

  5. Breaks ALL our internal rules! ;-)