Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter solstice

Catching up on some posts now.  I have been clearing annual leave and as usual, having to work while on leave (which is harder to do than working WITHOUT being on leave hehe).

My mum makes it a point to make 'tong yuen'/glutinous rice balls with all the grandkids on winter solstice.  The kids treat it like a playdough session... making all kinds of 'non-balls'.

This year's was completely new to me - iced soya milk base with cincau.  Tasted pretty good actually.  Also a nice dessert for after dinner.

Check out the 'dice' tong yuens

JE made this 'rainbow hotdog'

A cute one with eye and ear

There were some cute ones with black sesame seeds for eyes.  But I ate those before thinking to take photos.  Could only find these misshapen creatures later...

Some kind of creatures

My mum says it was a disaster zone of flour after the kids were done!


  1. I like your nice sweet dessert with the tong yuen. The kids are very creative making those cute tong yuen. And I am sure they have lots of fun playing with the tong yuen dough! Happy new year to you and family!

  2. Good that your mother include SE and JE in making tong yuen despite knowing that it will be messy. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Nancy, I'm quite Glad my mum doesn't insist on balls! Or maybe... give up asking haha.

    Mun, there are actually 7 of these pesky grandkids! 7x mess.

  4. It is really good to get kids involved in festive seasons like these. Unfortunately a lot of 'traditions' died in my hands...ha!ha! So my kids have nothing much to get excited about festive seasons!