Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ipoh trip 2016 - Accommodation

To me, accommodation on holidays is basically just a place to sleep/rest.  So it was a first for me that this time, the accommodation was actually a main attraction!

Just take a look for the reasons...

(SE is climbing on the contraption behind JE)

Get ready...

Love this 'zip-line'! (She went on this tons of times)

Pirate ship for me to climb!

Do some puzzles in the activity room...


The facilities in this new condo are well-designed.  That bucket of water at the top of this 'ship' fills up gradually from the tap overhead.

When is it going to pour....

And there she blows!  Are there any little mice who are scared of the water?

Yes, there is a mouse in each hole!

And sometimes 2 mice in one hole...

We are scared little mice!

There was also this shower-like contraption...

Just taking our shower

Sitting in the steam room... the blast of steam was loud and they didn't like this.

So noisy!

The sauna was better.  They fought over scooping of water onto the hot coals.

I'm making stone soup


SE played with this giant chess set a lot.



See why we chose this place?  :)  There were also pool table, gym, courts for various games etc which we didn't bother with.  This is D Festivo apartments in Ipoh Garden East.  It's spanking new at the moment.


  1. Stacy, you have found a great new place to stay. I love new place too. Just the right place for your girls. What is the rate like?

  2. One mouse in each hole is so cute! Two mice in one hole even cuter! Smart of you to have chosen this place to stay. Looks too good to be true! Both SE and JE have so much fun!

  3. Wow...nice. Have a great holiday.
    When kids were small, we used to go for 'good hotels'. Now that they are big, we look for budget hotel! lol!

  4. Nancy, it was RM530 for 2 nights via Airbnb. Ya usually maintenance is a problem and older places won't be too nice.

    Mun, haha your comment is cute!

    Magictree, really? Haha. Hubby's fussy and would always complain a bit on my choice (this one he didn't lah) but I'd still rather not pay for 'good hotels'.