Sunday, October 9, 2016

10th Anniversary makan

Last year I completely forgot about our wedding anniversary until after the event haha.  I'd thought then that never mind, just nice that the following year would be our 10th.  And resolved not to forget the 10th.  :)

Wanted something a bit memorable as a celebration.  The seafood trend I'd been seeing on FB was interesting, but I'd always thought the outlets were in Subang or thereabouts.  I had no idea they were a lot closer to home!  So it was Kai's Plato for us...


Now, what are these two doing here??  For a wedding anniversary lunch that has nothing to do with them??

Play play play

Haha decided to bring the whole gang.  Well why not... and like I told hubby, sometimes he's just not in the mood to talk so better not dine with him alone haha.

Me and hubby were there too!

The food was overall good.  I thought the steamed seafood was slightly bland.  The main culprit was the squid... and it has to be one thing there was a LOT of!  (Some more hubby doesn't like squid so it was all for me sigh)  But the other items were all good.  Since it was only a platter for two, there were only 2 tiers:  Top one with seafood and the bottom one with soup, plus the seafood essence which dripped from the top.  There was a side of fried squid in batter too, which was nice.  We ordered seafood cheese rice and junior pasta for the kids and the maid.  The kids are asking to go there again.  They got to draw on seashells.  And tiny jellies were provided at the end of the meal.  Everything a kid could want.  :)

I drew a cake, a flower and an apple!

We have plans to go for more such seafood... maybe the sauce-y ones next time.  Anniversary or not hehe.


  1. Happy 10th Anniversary! Wow! Lots of seafood and I love seafood! Have a beautiful day!

  2. Happy 10th anniversary again to you and your husband! I read a lot about this kai plato. Is it worth eating it?

  3. Happy 10th anniversary. Food looks good. The seashells...are those that were eaten by you all or they provide seashells for kids to draw? Something different for kids to do.

  4. Happy 10th Anniversary!

    Hahaha on the cake flower and apple. i thought will be the pen apple pineapple song

  5. Nancy, thanks! This seafood trend where you eat without utensils is all the vogue here.

    Mun, quite worth it methinks. It's not so expensive for decently fresh seafood (hubby didn't complain and he's fussy about seafood).

    Magictree, they provide clean shells. Guess from previous diners. Otherwise I imagine someone will be frantically scrubbing our shells and wiping them dry at the back hehe.

  6. SK, I didn't think of that haha. But JE did tell me about the song, she did see it from somewhere.

  7. Hi Stacy! Happy belated 10th Anniversary to you!
    Nice to read about what's going on in your life and your lovely girls! :)