Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mummy's Work

JE was asking what I do at work.  Hmm how to explain in a way a 6 year-old can understand?  I am in charge of certain functions while at the same time handling the hands-on work.

Me:  I work, and I also make sure other people work
(Patting myself on the back for this reply)

JE:  What happens when other people don't work?

Me:  I will say, Hey you! Go and work!
(Heh patting myself even more.  I do think this is a very good explanation of what I do!)

Aiyo mummy syiok sendiri only
(I.e., mummy thinks she's so clever only)


  1. kakaka....Mommy works like a teacher or class monitor. Make sure everyone do their homework

  2. You are good at summarising your work. Good manager to get people to do their work. :D

  3. Very simple and straight forward answer for your 6 year old. Looks like she is more interested in her drink. Ha ha!