Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cute baby

SE likes to call herself 'Cute baby'.  When she went to JE's birthday at school this year, a teacher asked her her name.  She said, very softly, 'Su Ern'.  When the teacher asked, Oh what was that again? She said, much louder, 'CUTE BABY'.  The teachers all laughed at that!

She likes to pretend to be a baby, going 'ngeh ngehhh' instead of talking.  At which we normally tell her, you are not a baby, you are FOUR years old!

Oh well, I suppose four isn't all that old.  After all, just a couple of years back, she was still a REAL baby.

Just call me Cute Baby


  1. I agree with her, she is a cute baby!

  2. Su Ern, you are a cute baby and you are even cuter when you are speak!

  3. Hehe thanks for the kind comments, all!