Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black blanket

I sometimes find this in my room.  The black thing is my blanket.  So I come out of the attached bathroom, look around for the girls and see only this:

Just your black blanket


The other girl is actually underneath the blanket as well... still concealed at the other end in this photo.  I don't know how they can go under when it's so hot!  But they love jumping out and surprising me.  If it's only one girl under the blanket, the disguise is actually quite good as they're still small and the blanket just looks like... a lump of pure blanket haha.


  1. First time seeing a black blanket! Need to be very patient hiding under blanket before springing a surprise.

  2. It is fun for their age and they love to surprise their mom!

  3. Good that they like to play with you. Was the aircon in the room on when they hide underneath the blanket?

  4. Magictree, it was in hubby's possession so I took it haha.

    Nancy, they're pretty good at it. I'd have thought giggles would give them away, but they're quiet!

    Mun, well aircon wouldn't have cooled the room down yet.