Thursday, September 1, 2016

Giant cake

Weekends, I'd normally be awake early and would make my way downstairs for some 'me' time.  The kids will appear maybe 1-2 hours later.  Why so long?  Well...

We made this! Do you like it?

Howw. We come in peace.

I'm likely to find things like this upon going up.  'This' is a giant cake.  It's made up of pillows, bolsters and blankets, and decorated with soft toys.  

Yep of course it takes time to dismantle.  Also sometimes there are hidden things in the pile.  Oh well, it's still worth it for the 'me' time I get!


  1. They have their "our" time and you get your "me" time! Have a happy day!

  2. They look like two princesses wearing a huge skirt (cake) together.

  3. haha so cute! One day you really must bake a cake exactly like what they made :P

  4. Nancy, true true!

    Mun, heh yeah also from this angle.

    Ai, I think certain people are not made for cake-making... would stress themselves and other people out...