Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cameron Highlands trip 2016

JE's kindy announced a holiday, so I took the opportunity to arrange a 3D2N holiday too. :)  This is better than going during official school holidays when everywhere is packed and there is a surcharge on everything.  So off we went to Camerons!

I totally forgot that our usual lunch place was in Kampar, and we stopped at Fu Man in Tanjung Malim instead.  Food was good, no regrets.  Next stop, eagerly awaited by the girls, was the waterfall!  Take a picture to compare with our previous trip here... (the kids grow noticeably at this stage)


When in Camerons, it's all the usual suspects.  Cactus farm, Kea farm, vegetables, fried sweet potato balls, sweet corn, strawberries.  The girls were happy as they got various treats...

Strawberry butterfly ice-cream

Sausage on a stick

Steamboat!  Had it two dinners running at Jin Jin steamboat (I've decided to include some details as otherwise I'm quite likely to forget!)

Bubble bubble boil boil

This trip I managed to have lots of me-time.  Because we brought this...


Haha the kids were clamouring to play the iPad most of the time.  Oh well, since there isn't much to do in the apartment anyway.

Stopped at Bharat tea on the way down.  They charge RM2 admission now when previously it was free to wander amongst the tea plantation.  Still, not steep and kids go in free.

Let's eat this brownie with ice-cream. Nah... let's just eat the ice-cream only

Then the final stop of the holiday, the waterfall again.

I name this rock 'Eggy'

A good holiday overall!  I always liked Camerons.  Both kids asked to come back.  So, bye till our next visit.


  1. wah.....i also wanna go cameron but then scared hand itchy will end up buying loads of plants

  2. Great place to relax. We planned a weekend to Cameron last month but was called off because something cropped up. Missed Cameron! We usually end up eating steamboat for dinner when in Cameron.

  3. Both your girls must have enjoyed themselves so much! You too. :)

  4. I like Cameron minus the journey. Love the steamboat there too. I quite enjoy the 'Cactus' farm too.

  5. I haven't been to Cameron in years!!! We just came back from our first trip to Legoland haha. Wasn't crowded at all even though it was Sep hols for SG this week! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. SK, plants so healthy and cheap here haha. Bring down to hot weather then dunno.

    Nancy, steamboat in cool weather is a must!

    Mun, heh yeah.

    Magictree, and the road is so wind-y too. Cannot go fast so journey end up longer.

    Ai, very far for you la. Hmm I find myself a bit 'off' Lego these days. Bought too many sets to brick.