Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Didn't do homework AGAIN

Just last week, it happened to her Bahasa homework.  And now repeat for Chinese homework arrggh. After a whole weekend of playing and watching TV too.  I do have concerns that she cannot keep up with Chinese and the legendary homework mountain when she starts at a Chinese primary school next year.

What to do, have to be tough love.  She said teacher will scold, I said that if I don't do my work my boss or customer will also scold. And that even if some things aren't fun, she still has to finish them.

Waa-waaaaa later teacher scold


  1. At least she is willing to do her homework at the last minute.

  2. Kids nowadays have stressful life. We never have to worry about homework during Kindergarten ( but then again, my memory is so koyak, I think don't have lah). Her pouting lips , so cute!

  3. When I was a kid, we do not have so much homework to do. But now the poor kids have loads of homework to do. Life is not easy for them and also the moms. Kids stress, moms also stress.

  4. that's true, even if some things aren't fun we still have to do them :( I guess once she starts getting into the habit of doing homework, she will slowly accept it as part of her daily schedule. even if she has no homework for the day, just get her to sit down and read/ write during her usual HW time to make it part of her habit.. I think that helps :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Mun, barely willing actually. There was a lot of crying going on and very little work!

    Magictree, I'm sending her to Chinese primary so homework will be a big part of her life for a while. Poor kiddo.

    Nancy, yeah what to do. Have to ensure she can keep up.

    Ai, luckily I can rely on my mum for most of it hehe. I am not too patient when it comes to this.