Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eating out with Jo Ern

We had dinner at The Ship with Jo Ern recently.  From the moment we sat down, she got busy.  First she rearranged the salt and pepper pots, the plates, the cutlery.  She moved on to the vase, plucked pieces off the leaf and orchids and stuffed some into her mouth.  Then she wanted to climb onto the table and tried to climb onto the top of the seat.  All this activity before even the bread rolls arrived!

A short pause to share my bread roll. Then she started removing her shoes, throwing them onto the floor, climbing down to the floor to retrieve them, throwing them onto the seat, climbing back onto the seat herself and putting the shoes back on.  And repeat, repeat, repeat.  Hubby asked, a little triumphantly (I've always maintained kids are not naughty until they know they're not supposed to do something and still do it.  Hubby had thought kids are naughty if they cry a lot or didn't want to do what you want them to do...), "Now tell me if she is being naughty or what?!"  I said,"At least she's entertaining herself and not disturbing our meal!"  Jo Ern isn't too interested in eating and we can't expect her to sit quietly with her hands in her lap.

Erm but I agreed with hubby we should ban her from eating out with us heh.  She eventually got bored of playing with her shoes and started crawling around under the table.  Then she demanded to go walk-walk. Luckily we'd about finished eating by then!

I shall dismantle this leaf and put the bits in my mouth

Can reach more things if I climb up onto the table

Couple of weeks later, we headed to Avanti for dinner, conveniently forgetting that Jo Ern was supposed to be banned from such trips.  :)  I'd called beforehand for a table and there were baby chair and kiddy setting ready.  Jo Ern was delighted to have her personal plate and cutlery, arranging them and putting cutlery into her mouth.  The bread basket arrived almost immediately.  She had fun eating the long breadsticks and later with the various dips (I'd first placed them out of her reach or she'd have messed things up).  Ahh what a difference in behaviour from that at The Ship!  I do think the reason is she was kept busy with this time.  We finished the meal in peace, what bliss.

Now, must think of other eating places we can take her to!  We try not to bring the maid when food is on the pricy side heh.  For now I can only think of other places with bread baskets...

Oh what's that the waiter is bringing?

3 different breads with 3 different dips. Wow!


  1. Shld start bringing out a small bag of toys for her. Better still...get her a small backpack so she can carry her own toys! (and can pack some bread sticks inside also)

  2. Thing is, I think her own toys would hold her attention. She already plays with them at home, EVERY meal. And she throws them on the floor a lot - I don't want to be looking for them under tables and whatnot at the restaurant! At least if it's restaurant property I don't have to bother. :p

  3. Would NOT hold her attention I mean. :)

  4. Italiannies is another place with bread basket that comes almost immediately but no bread stick but there's olive oil dipping. Jensen eat a lot of those bread instead of the main meal when he's there n Justin likes going to italiannies

  5. My girl is like that too.. that's why we did not eat out for so long haha.. only recently when she can sit down better or entertain herself with other things. We like going places that have kids playground inside the restaurant too.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Cat, I don't quite like the Italiannies concept coz I like to have a variety of food. Italiannies end up having only ONE thing to eat haha.

    Ai, yeah I think next time playgrounds might be good. For now all the other kids are bigger than her and some play pretty boisterously, so this kiasi mum stays away. :)