Monday, November 21, 2011

Want carryyyyy....

The last day at Hanoi didn't really count.  Our flight was at 9am so we woke up early, collected our packed breakfast and headed for the airport.  Just a few more pictures of our trip.  Throughout, this Jo Ern didn't want to walk and wanted to be carried.  Especially by me.  Even when hubby was carrying her, she would stretch out her arms to me and call 'Mum-meee!'  Then when I got tired, put her down and sat on the ground myself, she would be CLIMBING onto me!

In the cave with nice formations:

Mum-meee, want carryyyy....

While waiting for the small boat to take us on the Halong bay cruise:

Mummyy, carryyyy....

At the oyster farm gift shop:

Mummy carry...

Want carryyy!

OK I definitely need a rest from going on holiday!


  1. *still laughing at funny shorts*

    Elyssa went thru a "pao pao" stage too, but luckily she didn't mind who carried her.

    Keh Keh...pic #2 is quite hillarious!

  2. oh must be a stage of wanting to be carried at 19/20months or wat... jensen is exactly like tat too... and he will scream away when we said no...i have been letting him cry on the floor (at home la) many times already, because he just wants to be carried all the time. naughty, naughty, naughty

  3. Your face in the 2nd pic is hilarious! I can relate to that face though. My girl is the same. Don't want to sit the pram, and will walk/un all over.. But expect us to carry her at whim. Sigh... She's getting too heavy for me nowadays.

    Ai @ Sakura HARUKA

  4. It can be real tiring to go holiday with your kiddies and the photo showed your are:D Your kiddy is very attache to you, I can see.

  5. U still managed to keep your cool and look calm in the photos...