Thursday, February 23, 2012

Climb kid

A ladder, WOW!

I wanna climb too! Papa go away k?
Hubby: JoJo shoo! Chor teng sai!

Yayy I am climbing up and UP!

Jo Ern loves to climb! She has always been pretty agile and would try to climb things much taller than she is.  She'll have a huge grin once she succeeds.  She climbs up the piano stool at my parents', hubby's Lazyboy chair, my kitchen drawers using the handles as a ladder, our door grills etc.  My dad warns that she's heading for a big fall one of these days...

When hubby took out this ladder to change some light bulbs, it was fun-time for Jo Ern!  She doesn't always know how to climb down again though. :)


  1. I'm always amazed at how agile Jo Ern is but at times, i'll be like papa, a bit worried. Jensen is no where near as agile as Jo Ern. He still look clumsy at times and more prone to bumps and knocks. He had a hard fall on the floor yesterday which left a big bump on the head, turning purple this morning. poor boy.. and he said he fell from a box.. now... i wonder how did that happen. from a box? hahaha...

  2. Use kitchen drawer handles as ladder??? Adoi, like that also can.

  3. Wear her out at those play-gyms in those shopping malls. I m sure she will like all the climbing around

  4. Haha soon she will be able to bring out the ladder herself to play with! :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Cat, that big bump is obvious all right! Right in front and purple too.

    Y, she only climbs enough to look at the things on the counter top. Then she'd go WOWW! like see some treasure. :)

    Rachel, I'm scared she'd get knocked around by the bigger kids.

    Ai, luckily the ladder is pretty heavy. :p