Thursday, February 16, 2012

Results of photoshoot

I have yet to collect the actual photos from our photoshoot.  At first it was a misunderstanding - I was waiting for the draft photos which the studio thought they'd already sent and was waiting for my approval.  After we got over that, the place was closed for CNY.  Right, NEXT week I'm going over to that area again and shall collect.  In the meantime, here are 3 of the 5 photos we picked. 

The only one with a smiling Jo Ern

Strong pose this one

Portrait with fruit

For the last photo, there was a better photo in the series where she was 'eating' a fruit. Too bad that was a POTATO. *Smacks head*... why studio put potatoes in the basket la??! Put all fruit cannot meh??  I'd have picked that other photo if the fruit had been a strawberry or apple!

These photos were taken 2 months ago and she already looks different!  Overall, while the photos are not terribly nice, I guess they're decent enough.


  1. the first photo of jo ern is pretty. maybe the picture will look a lot better if she was dressed in those pretty party dress. nevermind, in future don't go for groupon voucher for things like this. btw, post a family picture lah, there must be some nice one taken

  2. The first photo is nice!

    Aiya....for the potato, just photoshop to an apple lor :)

  3. Cat, I was determined to pick a family pic. But... all not nice one haha. I did pick one which I post later. Everyone looks pretty dopey tho!

    Y, not easily to photoshop la! I'm quite sure I will just ruin the photo.

  4. Jo Ern looks so angelic and photogenic in the first pic! Bet it was a cool experience for her!

  5. Try an outdoor shot next time. I can recommend a good photographer. Places like Desa Park city - the park..very carefree, no stress...