Monday, February 18, 2013

Holding and holding things

Su Ern can hold things for a VERY long time! She held these toothpicks throughout dinner and back in the room... cry also didn't let go.

These toothpicks are MINE

Held these straws throughout lunch. Cry and finished crying still didn't let go.

These straws are MINE

Last weekend she was holding my hairclip in the house before we headed out for breakfast. She held on to it in the car. Held it throughout breakfast in the 'roti canai' shop. Held it back in the car and during our short detour to the market. Held it upon going home. Was still holding it when we headed out to my SIL's place for lunch. Fell asleep on the way there, but didn't let go of the hairclip. Was STILL holding it upon reaching SIL's apartment and going up in the lift. And she held it for quite a while more in the apartment. That's quite a few hours there!  I wonder if this means she holds on to money next time, hehe.


  1. she didn't try to let go and hold on to something else? or she wasn't attracted to other things? may be a good sign that she doesn't have the "i-see-i-want" attitude... hahah... actually babies that age just clutch on to something and hardly open their hands again. she may not even realise she have something in her hands.

  2. Well, in the case of my hairclip, she did periodically put it in front of her eyes to look. Also played with it with both hands.

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