Thursday, December 18, 2014

Random things SE says

SE doesn't pronounce well yet, but she can talk. :)

Cloh eye! Hehehe

*while showing me her arm
SE: The tiger come and bite me
Then it say, so naughty Su Ern
Actually, TIGER ih naughty

*while shaking one leg
SE: Mummy, look at at my feet
Me: Why? why look at your feet?
SE: My feet ih dancing!
(OK, never mind that it should be 'foot'!)

Still cloh eye

And her current favourite self-made 'joke':
I yike Papa, I yike Mummy, I yike Jo-jo, I yike tatak Jen, I yike Su Ern.... 
HAHAHAHAAAAA I yike Su Ernnn (I like Papa, Mummy, Jie-jie, Kakak, SU ERN)

She always laughs real loud at that point!


  1. SE is so cute with her cloh eyes. Why is she wearing a 'is that a board to prevent water from flowing onto face'?

  2. haha it's so funny when the kids make up their own jokes then laugh at them :P

  3. Mun, that's a shower hat thing to keep water from going into the eyes, yes. Not really used during shower... she wears it for fun sometimes.

    Ai, yeah!