Monday, December 29, 2014

Xmas get-together

We don't celebrate Xmas, but decided to have a get-together just to eat, be together and give presents to the kids.  Mine were overjoyed when they found out about this heh. Well JE actually... SE is too young to understand what was planned.

Had it at Putien...  (and why it's a good thing I'm not a food blogger)

First dish to arrive, iced bittergourd with honey

Another shot from where I was sitting

Took pics of the next few dishes.  All not presentable.  I'm better at taking pics of cutie pies waiting for food!

Who, me? 

Nah, one final attempt at food pic:

Food! Ermm half eaten mostly

OK, I give up.  Food was good, I always enjoy the various unique dishes here.  And having so many people around meant I could order ALL my favourites!


  1. No smile from the cutie pie? I have eaten at Putien twice only. Too expensive for me. Food tastes good. :)

    I guess the Christmas present will be in another post?

  2. what a lovely gathering . She sure had fun la

  3. Happy New Year stacy to you and your family

  4. Mun, just need to order a big main like the lor mee or oh chien to 'anchor' the meal. Otherwise yep, the small items will ring up quite a bill before you're full. Nope, nothing much to report for Xmas present. :)

    SK, thanks!