Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First day of school

It was probably a case of the parent more affected than the kid!  I'd prepped her by informing her periodically about school, and got ready her schoolbag and nice stationery.  We went shopping the weekend before for a water bottle to take to school.  I was rather emo while browsing through the shelves in the supermart. Felt as though I was sending her off somewhere. Well in a way that was true... this would be the first time I entrust her to the care of strangers.

Sleep was slow to come the night before (to me, that is hehe).  Next morning, had trouble waking JE up.  Oh-oh.  SE woke up while I was still trying to get JE up.  Oh-oh. This was at breakfast:


Waaaaa... don't want go to school!

I planned to bring SE along, but she was cranky that morning and wasn't ready when it was time to leave. Oh-oh.

Waaaa... Wan go KOOL!!!

Luckily things improved after the initial hump! JE got to class and focused on the teacher. I was advised to stay further away so I sat outside the classroom out of direct sight. Which accounts for the lack of good photos haha.

My class is Tulip

My name is Jo Ern

Summary: I had to fight tears a couple of times (my JE is going to SCHOOL already) and hurriedly thought of other things.  JE?  She seemed fine.  :)

I am going to school!

Turned out Monday was only an orientation of 2 hours. Actual school starts on Thursday. Fingers crossed everything will be fine and JE moves smoothly into the next phase of her life.


  1. JE looks fine in school in the last photo but mommy is the one who felt like crying because JE is all grown up now. :) Take care mommy!

  2. So kira still fair weather la. No "rain". :)

    Next week school will be full blast already.

    Have a restful weekend and cheers :)

  3. Mun, ya lor. :)

    SK, just one full day, so far so good!

  4. it gets better, don't worry :) I'm quite used to having her in her preschool now.. but then, I'm sure to have jitters again once she starts her primary school!!

  5. Such a memorable moment...! Very good that JE was smiling in the photo! :)