Monday, January 26, 2015

Panda letdown

Went to see the 1600 pandas thingy last weekend after someone told us about it.  I saw some pictures of people holding the pandas so I thought that'd be fun.

Hmm. All pandas were corralled in a  roped-off area, rather than sitting all over in small groups as I expected.  And there was a long, slow-moving queue to get into the area.  You had to pay RM10 for the crew to take ONE picture of you with your own camera.  Then you scoot out to make way for the next group in the queue.  Aiks.  Not going to queue for ages just to squat for a quick picture!

Just took photos outside the area...

3 ladies and 1600 pandas

SE wanted to go inside so I thought why not.  :p  Hoisted her inside and quickly snapped.

Now what's so special about you, panda?

I used to work at Publika and like the arty theme of the place. The girls decided they liked this piece of 'furniture'...

Can lie down one!

Can sit down one!

It was too crowded to really loiter around long. Just had our lunch, went to B.I.G. supermart and that was it. Next day we went to 1u for our usual mall fix.  :p


  1. Hello Stacy, It is 3 pretty ladies and 1600 pandas. May I ask what is the panda made of? Is it soft and cuddly?

  2. Hehehe, due to your quick thinking, SE got to touch a panda and get a closeup photo with the pandas.

    I wanted to go but read that there is a huge crowd so did not go.

  3. Huh? have to pay to snap photos ka? I thought just hentam can snap :(

  4. Nancy, I didn't get to hold any panda haha. But I read they were made of papier mache so cannot be soft!

    Mun, not really worth going methinks.

    SK ya lor. I thought can carry and molest the pandas as you wish.

  5. why they cordon off the area? I think more people will enjoy it if they can interact and take more photos with them :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Ai, need to make money... haha. I believe it's for conservation or something.