Monday, January 19, 2015

Sleeping beauty

JE has always been tough to wake. This happens whether or not she has had a long sleep.  This morning... as usual, I fish her out of bed and carry her downstairs.  This is my modus operandi.  Trying to wake her up first will just get SE up (who will later get cranky from lack of sleep).

Put her on the dining chair where she promptly slid down to the floor:

I am sleepy

Managed to feed her some breakfast.  In between bites, she snoozed:

I am still sleepy

After finishing breakfast, she was still on the floor:

So. Sleepy

As expected, we were late for kindy.  :p  Gotta start the wake-up process earlier!


  1. I am also like JE, cannot wake up for work but I can't eat and continue sleeping like her. She is really keng, can eat and continue to sleep.

  2. kekekeke........was trying so hard not to laugh in the office! aiyo, can slide down dining chair.
    What was for breakfast anyway? E2 just drinks milk in the morning. Cos their kindy breaktimes are pretty early anyway.

  3. SK, yes. Both mornings AND afternoons!

    Mun, I guess it would help if someone is spoonfeeding you? Haha.

    Y, breakfast for the girls is still fruit followed by soft-boiled egg. This day was strawberries, which she likes. I'm toying with doing away with the fruit but then again, that's healthy and they're used to it.

  4. Hi Stacy, happened to chance upon your two girls very cute.