Friday, January 16, 2015

No more Su-ya

Just a quick one to record this.  A few months back, SE just couldn't say her own name.  She first called herself Su-Su.  Later she wanted to say it properly. Thing is, it always came out as 'Su-ya!'

Hubby:  What's your name?
SE: Su-Ya!
Hubby: Su-ya?  Your name is Su-ya?
Hubby: Then, what's your name?
SE: ... Su...... YA!
Hubby: Su-Ya?
SE:  NOOOO!!!!
Hubby: Then?
SE:  Su............ YA!

She knew how it SHOULD be pronounced but just couldn't do it! Got quite agitated especially if hubby continued the same line of questioning!  The maid got to doing that too.  But I didn't lah, pitied the poor kid.

Good thing she can say 'Su Ern' now.  :)

Don't look at me, I am not Su-Ya.


  1. Yes, good to know that she will no longer be teased by her dad and the helper now that she can say her own name perfectly.

  2. Yay congrats SE :) Did you take a video of when she kept saying Su-Ya?? :P Good memories hehe

  3. Mun, ya lor poor kid!

    Ai, hmm I don't so. Sigh, the moments I let slip past. Oh well.